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What we believe

Trina Campbell, Owner

Sacred Space Yoga Centre (SSYC) aspires to be an extension of God’s love by unselfishly serving, encouraging and positively impacting lives.  We endeavor to assist all in finding and maintaining their personal space of physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

SSYC endeavors to be an extension of God’s hands, eyes, and ears by altruistically providing the healing properties of yoga to EVERYBODY through its non profit entities; H.A.N.D.S. UP Yoga  (Healing and Nurturing Deprived Sons) , Selfie Yoga for Girls (Building a Better Reflection) and Save a Space for ME (domestic abuse survivors and single mothers).

Owner and Founder Trina Campbell has been teaching yoga for over 15 years. However, in 2008 she began to explore yoga from a spiritual space and became certified in Christ-centered yoga.  In 2012 her focus shifted again. She became interested in a more holistic approach to keeping the body healthy and decided to take a more in-depth look into the healing properties of yoga through the ministry of healing and therapeutic touch.  These major shifts in her life has brought her to this point; Sacred Space Yoga Centre. Trina is a certified reflexologist and licensed massage therapist.  She is also the Co-Division leader of Center For Living Well. 

Our Mission

Is to operate as an extension of God’s love, by unselfishly serving, encouraging, and positively impacting the lives of others.


We Specialize in healing of the mind, body and soul

Our Focus


  •  Yoga classes designed for everbody and every level
  •  Therapeutic services to facilitate healing and transformation
  • Teacher training designed to enhance your skills and broaden your horizon
  • Annual retreats to revitalize, refresh, and renew your mind, body, and spirit

Meet Our Experts

The people of Sacred Space Yoga Centre
Darlene Hicks

Darlene Hicks

Darlene Hicks, Yoga Instructor is a born again Christian who received her yoga training from Center for Living Well under the tutelage of Trina Campbell and Tammy Tocco.  Her love for yoga developed when she initially began practicing in 2007.  Teaching yoga was a natural progression for Darlene because she is passionate about helping others take a holistic approach to maintaining the quality of their health.  Since research indicates that people in urban areas are least likely to try yoga, Darlene believes it is imperative to educate this demographic on the many health benefits yoga provides.  She also feels that teaching Christian Yoga is yet another tool to help people realize and maintain excellent spiritual, physical and emotional health.  In addition to teaching yoga, Darlene has an extensive background in the public and private sectors and is currently employed with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan in the Commercial Member Servicing Department.







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